Why I do Arts?

Why I do Arts?

But first a small toast: Have you ever the noticed the joys and satisfaction of the graduates on the graduation day. It is pleasure that comes from the sense of accomplishments and achievements that keeps these student quiet high at least for a day. In contrast, there is also another, not that great pleasure that comes from sense of social patting for your posting on social media, the most well known is the "Like" of Facebook (overdoses cause addiction). Let me tell you about a third one that doesn't require as long works, investments and suffering as graduating, and is not that cheap as Facebook's likes, but provide the pleasure of both senses (accomplishments and social patting), and THAT IS SELLING YOUR HANDMADE PRODUCTS. Selling (the price doesn't matter that much) is social patting and converting the art-craft into marketable product provide the strong sense of accomplishments. Knowing that Facebook is killing the essential times that should be invested for fostering creativity, I was trying to provide an alternative platform by introducing him into the world of marketable art-work, and make him feel the real LIKES (If someone buys your art-work that is the signature of deep/ultimate LIKE), so I explained the differences of accomplishments and social patting. He replied, "Oh, I see, why people who are the richest among the people, still looking for new products and markets. So, it is not as much as love of money as it is the thirst for sense of accomplishments, and addiction for social patting?".... "YES!!!", I replied excitedly....

OK, Now let's go for the main topic, "Why I do Arts?" 

The Development of Elysium: It is very personal. Actually, it is the story of my conscious development: 

The story begins around my childhood (I am neither trying to be Freudian in my approach, linking everything to childhood, nor I am following a ready-made template of, I saw it, it impressed so much that I all along, I just wanted to do it. It is just a fact that everything has an origin, in some remote and vague place. No matter, how much one polishes, the streaks and markings of the developments survive to take those who are interested on the trails that it left behind) when in a very short period of time, a lot of changes happened in my tiny world. The changes were so overwhelming, that they affected my whole perception about the world. The first and most pleasing surprise was the coming of street lights. Out of sudden, we could play soccer, cricket, hide and seek, ....., and sitting under its dim yellow light to chatter (In fact, street lights were the fourth real-brush that had struck me deep. Of course, you know the first, second and third ones, the sun, moon, rain/snow. Just as sun keep painting things with her bright-lighting and grey-shades, moon with its silver-tone lighting and dark-grey  shades, rain and snow with their wet and white brushes, the street lights were painting everything so unique. The faces under dim light were getting new appearances. The street lights were working like dusting off faces). The next big change was the coming of TV. TV had much better stories, tones of new phrases, songs, strange characters and above all cartoons. Literally, this new experience was like a big bang to my imaginations. But TV didn't just changed my imaginations. It was actually changing everyone around me. The characters, stories, their language, dresses and home decors were appearing in real life around me as people were quickly adopting them. It was changing our activities as TV dramas were replacing the real life dramas. And then VCR came, with all sorts of foreign movies.

Our Science teacher in my 5th grade had the biggest influence on me. He introduced me to the world of Science and it was the time that I learned that these amazing technologies were the products of Science, and Science is still in its infancy and we have to expect miracles in all spheres of our lives.

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