Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Confused Beauty

A face is limited in representing a single emotion, at a time, let alone a personality. Colors, lines and brush strokes have the power to express feelings that is beyond the power of words. It just can be expressed by artists and sensed by observers.

"Confused Beauty" ; 8" x 10" acrylic painting in modernist style. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Whirl In Whirl

8" x 14" : You have to tilt your head backwards to see the central whirl

Monday, April 28, 2014

Too Close, Too Far

Concept: Love and beauty become more evident from a distance. Too close make them less visible.

Alien Beauty

8 x 10"

Concept: It is possible that earth-like planets of other stars may have life on them. And because the light spectrum of others stars differ from Sun, photosynthetic organs like leaves may have different colors than what colors of leaves we are familiar with. In this painting, imaginary trees are painted.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Anonymous VS Unknown

12 X 16"
In recent years, two phenomenon made frequent news, the phenomenon of "unknown gunmen" in Pakistan and "anonymous" in US. Everyday, on newspapers, we read that "unknown gunmen" killed people  here and there. Most of the targets of unknown gunmen even don't know, why they are targeted (for what reasons and causes). On other hand, anonymous individuals are monitoring government in US to not cross their liberties.

Attacks on Journalists

12 x 16
Only in war zone, Journalists wear bulletproof Jackets. Considering attacks on the journalists in recent weeks, it seems that, now Journalists need to wear bulletproof jackets in their everyday tasks.

Hazara Genocide

8 x 10
More than 3000 Hazaras have been killed and even more are wounded/disabled, and an estimated 100,000 (30,000 according to newspaper reports) have fled Pakistan over last decade but not even a single murderer has been brought to justice. It is worth noting that there are only 0.5 million Hazaras in a country of 180 million people.

The Struggle For Pakistan

8 x 10
At school, we were taught that Pakistani flag has two colors, green representing Muslim majority and white minorities. The white color was chosen for minorities to show that they are in peace in Pakistan. For last decade, it seems that extremists is not satisfied with Islam of Pakistanis and want them to follow their brand of Islam, and want to turn Pakistan into killing ground of minorities. The two flags of Pakistan depicting the current struggles for Pakistan.

Attacks on Polio Workers

8 x 10
Attacks on Polio workers in Pakistan by Jihadi extremists do not make sense at all. Are they prescribing bullets as cure for everything?

World Order

16 x 12
It is what newspapers tell us. Bear has outweighed Eagle.

Starving Philosopher

16 x 20
In past, it was starvation that was the initiator of serious questioning. In our times, the serious questions lead to starvation.

Love of Starvation

8 x 10
It is open to interpretation. Media in all its formats are telling us that if we starve ourselves, we are serving our health and environment. That is understandable, but there is more to it. If we starve those who are opposing our policies, we are also making the world a safer place. That is...

Arab Spring

8 x 10
                      Nothing speaks louder than bullets in Post- Arab Spring Middle East

The Invisible

8 x 10"
                                             What is visible in the name of invisible are religions.

Nothingness Is The Birthplace of Love

8 x 10"
                                                                    Things replace love.